Artissima Art Gallery - Case Study

New branding design and development


Artissima Art Gallery emerged as a result of the owners exploring the world and being inspired by the history, culture, traditions, heritage and art of the countries they visited. With an extensive portfolio of artists globally and a dynamic local presence in all the cities within the United Arab Emirates, Artissima continues to outreach art to the masses. The gallery showcases exclusive works of artists from the USA, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia to the local and regional audience with an aim to create an awareness and appreciation of the talent the Middle Eastern artists.
Artissima Art gallery needed a fresh look for its brand identity and BlueMode accepted the challenge.


Artissima Art Gallery
Branding, Marketing, Website
Previous Logo
It was created by the owner to support the idea of the gallery's love for the hispanic art. 


We created a unique and dynamic brand mark that had to be flexible and which could be adapted to create a modern & unique art gallery logo. The style implies simplicity and credibility to attract art enthusiasts that would appreciate and recognise the brand as a stronger player in the Dubai's art industry. 
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
The new logo received a lot of praise, described as having great style and an evolution from previous logo.


We designed and built a high functioning responsive website that can add real value to the Artists. The website has become a focus for the Art community and is a valued product that generates brand loyalty with blogs, events information, guides and videos.
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